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Transportation reimagined

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Why drive when you can zip?

Safe, efficient, environmentally-friendly transportation for a changing world. 

Airbornway has reimagined transportation. Our patent-pending Eagle Mobile Robotic Carrier (MRC) is a self-propelled aerial transport system that will change the way we move people now and well into the future.


We offer complete transportation solutions for cities, theme parks and recreation areas. 

Smart City Transportation

Cities around the world are faced with many transportation-related problems. We help solve these problems by getting people out of cars, off the ground and moving through the air.


Airbornway Eagle MRC is environmentally-friendly smart transportation for smart cities that want to: 

  • Reduce traffic congestion and motor vehicle accidents

  • Improve pedestrian safety

  • Alleviate parking difficulties

  • Expand access to reliable and cost-effective public transportation

  • Extend the life of current transportation infrastructure

  • Lower transportation related maintenance costs

  • Reduce carbon emissions and negative environmental impacts

Our ultra-light infrastructure has a small footprint with minimal environmental impact.

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