Protection elevated

See everything, anywhere

Mobile security solutions that detect, deter and defend.

Airbornway provides mobile aerial security systems that detect, deter and defend against illegal and unwanted activity. Our patent-pending Eagle Mobile Robotic Carrier (MRC) is an automated, self-propelled aerial system that is customized with advanced security technology to meet your needs.

Eagle is your personal robotic perimeter guard that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be monitored from afar.

  • Patrol large areas from one central command center

  • Install over any terrain, including waterways

  • Overlay existing infrastructure

  • Access hard-to-monitor places

  • Operate in any climate

Eagle System can be equipped with, and provide power to, a wide range of surveillance, communication and defense technology including: 

  • Cameras, night vision and other optics

  • Defense machinery

  • Tracking systems

  • Sound and listening devices 

  • Infrared and motion sensors

  • Lights and lasers 

  • Drones

  • Data collection and reporting systems

Some of Eagle's many benefits include:

  • High frequency data gathering and real-time reporting.

  • Automatically move surveillance equipment to get a better look at sources of motion

  • Deploy scouts (human or tech), alerts (lights, sounds, etc.) or defense action when danger is detected – either automated or at the push of a button. 

  • Remotely launch drones into survey area away from superstructure to investigate suspected activities. 

  • Program Eagle System for sporadic movement to prevent prediction of surveillance patterns. 

  • Units return home for maintenance, repair and upgrade without field visits.