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Protection elevated

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Organize Your Security Tools Into A

Mobile Perimeter Security System

Airbornway uses electricity to enable mobility of security tools on a single Mobile Robotic Carrier (MCR) Platform.

  • real-time  Situational Awareness

  • real-time  Video/Voice Communciations 

  • real-time  Threat Assesment 

  • real-time  Deterrent Delivery

Making security tools mobile allows you to address different
threat environments in unique ways.
Follow and monitor threats along a perimeter

 in all weather conditions, with real-time situational awareness.

Address threats/ incursions (large or small)

with non-lethal or lethal tools such as loud horns, chemical dispersants,

 and intense light. MRC may easily be outfitted with
a drone launch platform/ charging station for extended reach. 

Some of Eagle's many benefits include:

  • Install over any terrain, including waterways

  • Overlay existing infrastructure

  • Access hard-to-monitor places

  • Remotely launch drones into survey area away from superstructure to investigate suspected activities. 

  • Program Eagle System for sporadic movement to prevent prediction of surveillance patterns. 

  • Units return home for maintenance, repair and upgrade without field visits.

  • Operate in any climate.

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