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Efficiency in motion

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Rethink the way you move

Move cargo of all sizes with greater efficiency and safety.

Optimize efficiency and improve safety. Let the Airbornway Eagle Mobile Robotic Carrier (MRC) do the heavy lifting for you. The patent-pending Eagle MRC is an automated, self-propelled aerial system customized to meet your hauling needs. With the new breakthrough technology, we are able to run two systems on a single cable.

  • Increase operational efficiency 

  • Cut replenishment time in half

  • Reduce cargo transfers - move directly from point A to point B

  • Minimize processing an clearing delays

  • Automate processes 

  • Improve safety outcomes

  • Reduce costs 


Shipping Automation

Simplify shipping with Eagle MCR. Move materials to the receiving ship and pick up cargo from the supply ship at the same time with our breakthrough technology. No crane or extended crew is necessary - cargo goes directly to the cargo hold with a regular crew to guide it in. 


Submarine Animation

Supply submarines at sea for the first time! Set up a marine loading station comprised of two supply ships equipped with Eagle MCR. Pull the submarine up between the ships, load food, equipment and personnel onto incoming submarine, then resume journey.

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