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Leading through innovation

Unite, secure and prevail

Advanced robotic security, transportation and logistics solutions

Airbornway Corporation is able to help the U.S. Government enhance national security, advance human transportation and improve logistical efficiency with the patent-pending Airbornway Eagle Mobile Robotic Carrier (MRC).


Airbornway Corporation is comprised of three divisions:

  • Border & Perimeter Security

  • Transportation

  • Logistics 

Border & Perimeter Security

  • 24/7 aerial mobile robotic security

  • Airbornway Eagle Smart Wall detects, deters and defends against unwanted activity along borders and perimeters 

  • Customize Eagle MRC with surveillance, defense and tracking equipment


  • Smart City certified transportation

  • Expand access to pubic transportation

  • Reduce traffic congestion, accidents and carbon emissions

  • Lower transportation and infrastructure costs


  • Automate shipping and freight hauling processes

  • Increase operational efficiencies and improve safety

  • Reduce cargo hand-offs

  • Mnimize processing and clearing delays

  • Supply submarines at sea

Core Competencies


Airbornway Corporation currently holds a provisional patent and is in the process of filing 20 patents for the Airbornway Eagle Mobile Robotic Carrier (MRC).

Eagle MRC is a self-driving machine that runs on a single cable suspended in the air between towers. Eagle's unique design and ultra-light infrastructure comprised of towers and cables enables Eagle to access and move within previously inaccessible and difficult to reach areas.

  • Install over any terrain, including waterways

  • Operate in any climate

  • Construct in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure

  • Move people, goods and cargo from point A to point B more efficiently

  • Construct as a stand-alone system or easily integrate with current infrastructure

  • Customize to meet security, transportation or logistics needs

  • Easily expand and/or modify Eagle's infrastructure

  • Environmentally friendly (runs on electricity that can be supplied by alternative and renewable sources)

  • Provides low-voltage DC power to attached machinery and hardware

Company Profile

Founded in 2012 by Rodger Gibson, Airbornway Corporation is an engineering and manufacturing company that provides security, transportation and logistics solutions.


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